Gathering Customer Solutions


Interactive customer engagement

 that feels natural



We reach customers where they want to be reached


Beguided® is a technology company that provides enterprise solutions to customer engagement. Our products incorporate new technology and deliver interactive, personalized service through an avatar. For consumers, our products are a private communication channel that can understand and interact while solving their problem.  Our avatars are multilingual and understand consumer problems in real time to help resolve issues within a few seconds. 

Our design is simple: provide a private communication tool to each consumer which allows them to interact online and be understood by virtual representatives. 

Beguided has several products which constitute a complete suite of services that handle billing & payments, new services or sign ups, technical services, customer service and follow up, or outbound marketing efforts. Beguided's technology and its uses are only limited by the imagination.


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How does the technology work?



avatar-driven payment portals


  • Fully customized payment channel

  • 2- way fully automated chat with an Avatar

    throughout a payment portal experience

  • personalized options to each customer

  • integrates with push notification systems

                    -(SMS) text

                    -Email services 




customer service chat

  • Artificial Intelligence systems that combine different technologies

  • API connections to (MIS) and customer information systems

  • Designed to learn from and understand customers



conversational AI on the phone

  • Patent Pending technology that allows our AI to understand better

  • Automate any phone call experience for your customers

  • Manage any customer needs, freely understand speech and voice inflection